Canon EOS 5DS Digital SLR and Canon 5DS R Digital SLR

Canon 5DSR full frame camera

Introduction This review of the Canon 5DS and 5DS R will be a short one for the following reasons: The Canon 5DS and 5DS R were introduced to fill gaps that the Canon 5d Mk iii lacked at the time. Since their introduction the Canon 5D Mark iv has been brought out and does pretty … Read more

Canon 1DX Mark ii Review – Canon’s Flagship Full-Frame Camera, Big Fast and Accurate

Canon's Flagship Full Frame the 1DX Mk ii

Introduction In compiling this Canon 1D X Mark ii review I’m going to make a calculated assumption  –  if you are reading this with any serious intent you already know what you want in a camera! Something exceptional in terms of build and image quality, fast and accurate focusing, awesome frame burst, quick responding etc. … Read more

Canon 5D iv Review – The Full Frame Camera For All Occasions

Canon 5D Mk iv - Canon's most popular full frame model

Introduction Is the Canon 5D iv still a leader in a fast moving competitive market? There are those that will argue that the entire world is going mirrorless. That may be so but there are a lot of photographers out there that have a substantial investment in DSLR lenses, love their Canon 5D iv  and … Read more

Canon 6D Mk ii Review – A Small Body That Packs a Big Punch

Canon 6D Mark II Full Frame Camera

Introduction – an oldie in a bright new world? The Canon 6D Mk II has been one of Canon’s many success stories. As an upgrade to the earlier 6D it took all of 5 years for this model to come out and during that time the opposition had been busy with newer, faster, better models. … Read more