Hello and welcome to my site I sincerely hope you find it both interesting and helpful.

With such a plethora of camera options available I thought it would be cool to have a site dedicated to full frame cameras or as some people refer to them “professional cameras”.

However, we all know that professionals use crop sensors, micro four-thirds and medium format cameras. As long as the images they produce are what they are after the professional is happy to use whatever tool he prefers.

I decided on dedicating this site to full frame cameras because their size originated from the original 35mm film cameras, the first cameras I ever fell in love with.

The name “full frame” came about because the digital sensor is the same size as the original 35mm negative.

Sensors were originally very expensive to make and in order to reduce costs to male digital photography more accessible to the consumer crop sensors, which were cheaper to manufacture, were born. I might add this has caused a bit of confusion with many photographers


I’ll be giving away my age here but as far back as I can remember I have been interested in photography. Way back in the day I was hooked on a Kodak Instamatic (or similar) before getting my first BIG camera – a 35mm Pentax MX. Oh man that is still one of the happiest days in my life. That was way back in about 1972 aged 17.

I loved the learning curve, I loved black and white, I loved the artistic side of the hobby and I simply loved taking photos of people.

I remember saving every cent I could to accumulate lenses. Each lens I bought was a personal achievement and each was cherished as a result.

Waiting for the images to be developed by the chemist (pharmacy) was a torturous 2 week wait! And then out of the spool of 24 I might only have had 2 “keepers” – those were the days. Compared to today the costs were horrendous and I eventually landed up with my own dark room; a bathroom conversion which for obvious reasons had limited time usage.

But developing and seeing your own images come out on print is an incredibly satisfying experience. The anticipation is almost orgasmic (anyone who has ever printed their own images will understand!).

Then life got in the way …

Marriage, children, mortgages, schooling etc. meant that my hobby had to be seriously curtailed and photos became fewer and fewer with the camera only coming out on special occasions. Pretty sad but that is the way it was.

It’s still something special though, to take out those old photos and look at them. Today’s way of not printing photos but only having them on Facebook or some other social platform is just not the same – there’s no quality family time when one can reflect on day’s gone by.

And technology developed …

The digital age was born. With expensive camera in hand I could take as many photos as I wanted and instantly review them – deleting the (now high) high, 99% of non-keepers. Oh what bliss and what a money saver.

I was right back in the game and bought my first digital camera, a little point and shoot, in 1995/6 aged 40! Where did the time go? I still had the mortgage the wife and the kids!

It was a whole new learning curve, a learning curve that continues to this day with new and better technology coming out both in hardware and software for taking, processing and printing photographs. This is an exciting journey that will never end.

And then back in 2014in my semi-retirement I landed a part-time job in a camera shop with a built in studio. I was like a kid in a candy store! Surrounded by the latest equipment and able to talk photography and help people all day. I really loved helping people with their photography goals and was surprised to learn just how popular photography actually is.

Reflecting on my 3 years in the retail photography business and as a member of my local photographic club has made me realize that people do want some help and guidance on photography and photography gear. They also want so show off their latest gear and talk about it – and why not?

So I have two photography websites – this one that focuses purely on full frame cameras and another site that is more general in nature and geared toward tips and techniques. Both are a labor of love that keep me happy and content for as much time as I care to put into them.

On top of the websites I organize an annual photographic safari to South Africa to photograph big cats and the abundance of other game that is there.


I have gotten so much out of photography and made so many friends, both newbies and professionals alike, all of whom not only thirst for more knowledge and experience but are also only too happy to share their wisdom, secrets and findings with others.

I am continually amazed at how advanced today’s digital cameras are – take for example the introduction of mirrorless cameras with electronic viewfinders; who would have thought that possible a few years ago?

Where will this hobby take us in 5 or even 2 years time? Will this site be relevant!

It’s all one big unknown but exciting journey – let’s enjoy it together


The goal of this site is to review and update the entire range of full frame cameras from all manufacturers both for my own interests and to help others make informed decisions of what full frame camera suits them and their chosen genre best.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.
Alternatively you can contact me at lawrence@fullframecamerareviews.com.

I look forward to hearing from you

All the very best,


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