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As new cameras come out and older models are updated with a new version it can be a bit confusing as to what is current and what is not. 

What follows is a list of the latest Full-Frame DSLR and Mirrorless cameras  starting with the Big Three – Canon, Nikon and Sony.

Canon Full-Frame Cameras

Canon DSLR Models

Canon 6D Mk II

Canon 6D Mark II Full Frame Camera

Introduced in July 2017 to replace the 6D. The long awaited release of the 6D Mk ii (some 4 years after the introduction of the 6D) made the much anticipated launch a bit underwhelming considering the introduction of newer models from Nikon, Canon themselves and Sony’s mirrorless range.

However the 6D Mk ii is still a very popular camera with its low price, relatively small and lightweight body designed for everyday use.  It produces amazingly clear images and packs a decent video.

Canon 5D Mk IV

Canon 5D Mk iv - Canon's most popular full frame model

Announced by Canon in August 2016 the 5D mark 4 is probably the most popular camera in the Canon stable.  The 5d Mk IV’s predecessors are the 5d, 5D II and 5d III all great cameras in their own right.

The 5D Mk IV owes its massive popularity to its universal use as an ideal portrait, wedding, sports, nature, landscape and product photography.  You name it and the 5D Mk IV can do it better than most.

Introduced in June 2015 the Canon 5DS with its 50.6 megapixel resolution gives the most incredible detail.  The low pass filter cancellation and relatively low ISO range makes the 5DS an ideal camera for  genre’s such as macro, product photography, general studio work and landscape photography where detail is paramount.  At 5 fps it is also surprisingly good for high speed action –  due, to a large extent, to the dual DIGIC 6 processors

It is almost identical to the Canon 5DSR – see below.

Canon 5DS R

Canon 5DSR full frame camera

Introduced at the same time as the 5DS (June 2015) the only difference between the two cameras is the price, this one is about $200.00 dearer and has a low pass filter, which reduces or eliminates moiré and aliasing – something you would want if you shoot a lot of fine patterns.

In all other aspects the cameras are the same.

See Canon 5DS above.

Canon 1DX MkII

Canon's Flagship Full Frame the 1DX Mk ii

First introduced in early 2016.
Fastest, biggest , best (for everything), well built, insane engineering etc.  The accolades go on and on – what more can be said


Canon Mirrorless Models

Canon EOS R

Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless camera

Introduced in the last quarter of 2018 Canon’s latest addition to their range is the EOS R – a mirrorless camera that fits somewhere between Nikons latest Z6 and Z7.

After a rather disappointing foray into the mirrorless market with their APS C M3 the EOS R seems to be a bit underwhelming having been released at roughly the same time as Nikon’s new mirrorless models.

The beginning of better things to come perhaps?

Nikon Full-Frame Cameras List

Nikon DSLR Models

The Nikon D750 goes back to September 2014 and has been a favourite amongst Nikon fans ever since.  And there’s no surprises as to why. But it is getting a bit long in the tooth now.

It came out with many firsts and still leads the field in much of them. Truly one of Nikon’s best ever models that does everything you will ever need in a camera. 

A huge plus is that all Nikon’s lenses (AF-D, AF-I, AF-S and G lenses) going back to 1977 and lenses going back as far as 1959 can be updated to work seamlessly with the D750.

Nikon D610

Nikon D610 Full Frame DSLR Camera

Full Review due soon

First introduced in about October, 2013 the Nikon D610 is definitely getting a bit long in the tooth and rumour has it that it may be discontinued in the near future.

But then with the new mirrorless range from both Nikon and Canon rumours abound of many models being phased out as the feeling is mirrorless is the way of the future. 

Nikon D810

An angled view of the Nikon D810 full frame DSLR camera

Full Review due soon

Released in June 2014 the D810 is an outstanding (in every respect) camera.

However it is an “old” model in todays fast moving technology and the D850 has probably taken it’s place as the flagship Nikon model. But if you have one or can get your hands on one you can be assured of years of amazing photos – don’t let someone else’s version of “old” talk you out of this one.

Strange how technology has overtaken all these wonderful cameras well before they have reached their shutter life expectancy.  Or is that just great marketing?

Nikon D850

Nikon D850 FX (full frame)

Full Review due soon

Born in late 2017 the Nikon D850 took the world by storm as being the new standard in full frame DSLR camaras.

And no wonder – it is a huge improvement on the already impressive D810 in almost every way.

Not likely to be phased out any time soon – but then what do us mere mortals know about what goes on at Nikon HQ?

Nikon D5

Full Review due soon

Released in march/April 2016 the D5 is an outstanding camera – in all respects.

It’s big though, built like a tank, fast and has a 200 shot buffer!

But it is expensive and has a limited market so time will tell how long this wonderful camera continues to prove popular.

Nikon Mirrorless Models

One of Nikon’s latest releases (October 2018) the Z6 is a full frame mirrorless camera.

Finally Nikon sat up and listened to their market – and what a welcome this camera has received.

Be sure to read our full review for the exciting specs and capabilities on this 24 megapixel baby brother(or is that baby sister?) of the 45 megapixel Nikon Z7.

Released 2 months prior to the Z6 at about $1400.00 more than the Z6 – was this a marketing ploy with Nikon knowing everyone wanted one yesterday?

Almost identical in looks and performance to the Z6 the Z7 simply has much higher (insanely high) specs with its 45 megapixel sensor.

Be sure to read the full review on this one as well.

Sony Full-Frame Camera List

Sony Mirrorless Models

Sony A7 III

Full Review due soon

Introduced in February 2018 as an upgrade of previous models, the Sony A7 III continues to set the standard by which all other full frame mirrorless cameras are measured.

Its a great camera and I haven’t heard any negative comment about it. Things like relatively short battery life pale into insignificance and irrelevance when one consider all the pluses this camera brings to the party.

Sony has had such a big impact on the market that Nikon and Canon have finally noticed them and decided to get in on the act. Is it too late as they have a lot to catch up on?

Whatever happens to full frame mirrorless from hereon in we have Sony to thank for all of it.

Sony A7R III

Rear body view of a Sony A7R iii full frame mirrorless camera

Full Review due soon

Introduced in October 2017 is the forerunner to the A7 III.  With 42 MP it is almost twice the size of the A7 III yet still shoots at the same 10fps in silent mode.

The ISO range is half that of the A7 III but images at all ISOs are incredibly sharp.

So why the change from this A7R III to the apparently lower specs of the A7 III? 
Well for one thing the price is $1200 odd cheaper.  Sony are doing a great job at keeping the big boys in check as far as pricing and specs go.

Sony A9

Sony A9 full frame mirrorless camera

Full Review due soon

First announced in April 2017 the A9 was anxiously awaited and did not disappoint.

The A9 24 MP camera has an incredible buffer and shoots at an amazing 20 fps. And with an insane maximum ISO of 204,800 it has no problems even in the darkest situations.

It’s pricey compared to the A7 range but A9 users wouldn’t change for the world.

Pentax Full-Frame Cameras

Pentax DSLR Models

Pentax K-1 Mk II

Pentax K-1 Full Frame mirrorless camera

Full Review due soon

Launched in February 2016 this full frame camera is understated – as many enthusiasts have discovered.

Probably less well known than the bigger boys in the park the Pentax K-1 Mk II is nevertheless a very viable and practical option at a good price with a surprisingly large following.

It’s great that we have alternatives.

Panasonic Lumix

Panasonic Lumix Mirrorless Models

S1 and the S1R


Due out in early 2019 we are currently researching to bring you more information on this exciting prospect.

Stay tuned!

19 Great Full-Frame Cameras to Choose from

It will be interesting to see how the shape of this list changes in the months and years ahead.

Of the 19 cameras listed above no less than 8 are mirrorless.
Is this the way we are going? 

I certainly think so.

Let me know your thoughts on three things please:

  1. Do you think full frame cameras will survive in the future or will everyone move to smaller sensors for convenience?
  2. Will full frame mirrorless become the dominant player in the field or will the DSLRs survive their onslaught?
  3. And finally what threat does the phone camera pose to traditional camera sales?

Let me know in the comments below – I’d be really interested to know your thoughts.

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